Miles A. Caughey Jr.
For US Senator, Kentucky, 2020
Ditch da Mitch!
 Thank you ALL for your support for my run for 1st District, US Represenative, Kentucky.  I will redesign this site and put in a historical section and numerous conspiracy sections to attempt to explain the present from the past .  Please revisit and add your imput.  Hopefuly the comment section will be made more user friendly in the future.  
                                                                                                                 No BANKSTER, PoliTick, or Judge too big to  Jail or  IMPEACH
I am a 42+ year US Army veteran, 35 years in combat units with several combat tours.  I served 14 years as  an Airborne Ranger Infantryman and a  Special Forces A Team Member.  I flew 29 years as a Master Army Aviator specializing in aircraft maintenance and insuring the reliability and safety of the fleet.
I have been raising cattle for 21 years in Pee Dee, Kentucky and this has added to my views and beliefs.  I worked in a Steel Plant for 9 years as a laborer and as Management which has also widened my experiences.

I do NOT lie, cheat, steal, NOR tolerate those that do.
Our Political System is so corrupt it is disgusting, and will result in the collapse of our Great Nation.
I refuse to stand back and watch it without standing up and speaking Truth to Power, regardless of the consequences to myself or my loved ones.
I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, and I plan on doing so with my dying breath if necessary. 
The Democrates lie, cheat and steal right in our faces and when caught deny, deny and deny, then state the Ends justify the Means. 

The Republicans underhandedly Lie, cheat and steal, and when caught resign and THEY place another lying thief in their place.

Both parties are owned by the same Big Money BANKSTERs who are Trans National Global Elites who's goal is to destroy America, especially her middle class and establish THEIR Global New World Order.

My steel mill was decimated along with the majority of the Steel Industry in the USA as was planned by the Elites to DeIndustrialize America.

The majority of our Industrial Base has been sent to Red China.

Our American energy independence is being eradicated NOW, and we will once again be totaly dependent on foreign energy.  Our industry is being driven to bankruptcy and energy cost is skyrocketing by President Obama's own plans and declaration.

Our Country will collapse when the Chi-Coms quit stocking Wal-Mart, or the Oil Ticks jack up the price of oil, as you KNOW they will! No more BLOOD for OIL!

The USA was the richest country in the world 50 years ago.  Now we owe more in debt than the next several countries added up!

Why are we made this vulnerable to EVIL outside influences?

The United States Army did NOT tolerate even the slightest lie or falsification on official records or documents.  Why do WE tolerate our elected officials and government employees to do so?

As I stated above, I do NOT tolerate Lying, Cheating or Stealing and will do everything in my power to bring ALL the dishonest  to the  forefront of public discourse!

I had hoped a General such as General Betrayus,  would step up and Speak Truth to Power to protect the Constitution against ALL enemies, Foreign and DOMESTIC.  But this was NOT to be and some even claim he attended the last Bilderberger Conference.  If not a renowned General, maybe a Colonel such as LTC West would come to the Republic's defense, but he was suppressed.  Therefore, since no others will step up, I decided, a retired Army Chief Warant Officer 5, would stand up and be the Kentucky Chief, since no Kentucky Colonel will!

I plan on doing ALL I possibly can do to ReIndustrialize America, make AMERICA Energy Independent and Put America back to work and raise the Standard of Living for ALL Americans, Making Americans FIRST! We will establish Truth Commisions with fearless volunteers combined with Congressional Inquiries to reveal the TRUTH of the past so the Present can be better understood, and we can relaim the American Dream for our children's Future!

I was planning on using 15 Grand I had to replace my blown Case 770 with a used 4 wheel drive enclosed cabin tractor with a front end loader.  However, ya can't drive a tractor, even with an enclosed cab, through the Pearly Gates.  So I am going to use it and my VA disablility to run for Kentucky 1st District U.S. Representative. I am not asking for a dime from no one.  I do request if you agree with 51% of my positions listed in the next section you get as many friends and relatives that are also fed up and mad as h3ll to get out there and vote during the Republican primary in May.  If you feel strongly then take out some ads and support my positons. If you disagree with my positons, then take out as many ads as you can and rebuke them.  May the chains of Tyranny rest gently on your ankles!

I am a sin laden, sorry excuss of a backsliding, struggling Christian wannabe. I really only want to watch the grass grow and my cows calf.  I do not want to be in the lime light.  I do not want to be the nail sticking up.  I do NOT want to get hammered, IRSed, harrassed by the full power of the government; perhaps even get suicided, murdered, heart attacked, accidented, what have you. Since NO others will Speak Truth to Power, I stand up, alone, and a retired CW5 and plan on doing my best, as Cincinnatus did,  in defense of my country and hope to follow the example of the devout, brave Roman Theban and Thunder Legions!